About Me

Hello readers and fellow writers, I’m Damien Donnelly, a 41 year old Irishman who moved from Amsterdam to Paris in July 2015 after a 16 year absence, having been captivated by the city at 22 and haunted by it ever since. I left my City of Inspiration for love in London followed work in Amsterdam (I’m a pattern maker by trade, having worked for various fashion brands; Reiss, Pepe Jeans, G-Star, Calvin Klein and now & Other Stories) but the circle has now been completed with my return to Paris and I guess I’m back where I’m supposed to be. Everything takes time to line up correctly.
I’ve been writing since before I could crawl, poetry mostly, but found my way recently into flash fiction, short stories and am now working on a final draft my first fictional novel- the small steps just got bigger. I was fortunate to win a place in http://www.originalwritings.ie Short Sory Anthology ‘Second Chance’, published in Ireland and launched in Dublin in November 2015. I’ve been featured in http://www.thefableonline.com Halloween Issue 2015 with a suitably ghoulish flash fiction piece and had a poem featured in the beautiful 1st issue of http://www.fireflymagazine.weebly.com. In 2016, my poem Slow Moving Sorrow was included in EyeWear Publishing’s Poetry Anthology ‘Nous Sommes Paris’ to commemorate the paris attacks from 2015.

I’ve recently branched out into SpokenWord and use Soundcloud to bring a deeper layer of understanding to my poetry. All my poems feature one of my photographs or drawings, again to further enchance the story telling and occassionally to add a little needed colour. (I’m a smiler who slips into sadness quickly so colour is always needed to rise above the darkness)

When I’m not writing or photographing Paris from every possibly angle I can be found in the kitchen baking disgustingly delicious carrot cakes, chocolate cakes or, a personal favourite, Baked MarsBar Cheesecake. I have a secret dream to sing out loud and lots of other bits and bobs that make me, well, me…