Snow falls

and the darkness

drowns in silence,

a hush from the heavens

falling, so slowly,

even crystals cry.

Are these the tears

of angels weeping

who’ve watched us falling

like this slow snow, like

their tears, trembling?

Snow falls

and there’s a stillness

and still all this silence

between us. Bruises

covered in this cold

cotton candy coating

of fragility, every day

more freezing, more frozen,

just not enough to numb.

Snow falls

and all paths disappear,

I thought our tracks

ran deeper

like this winter,

like this weight,

like this waiting

behind the window,

behind this glass

I can’t see through,

nor beyond the storm

falling, slowly.

Snow falls

and the sorrow slips in,

cold where there used to be

comfort. What happens

to my tears,

who will watch them

with wonderment

like I look out now

at the snow, slowly falling,

and think of angles?

Wasn’t I once your angel?

Are you watching

at some slow distance

as these snowflakes

cover my confusion?

In time this too shall melt

and be no more than memory,

even snowflakes

fall for but a season.

Snow, falling, slow.

Already wishing

it was spring.

Even white is blue

in the falling light.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly