to all that is new,
to all I have not yet seen,
attracted to the covered corners
the light can not carve comfort into…

to all I don’t yet know,
to all I have not yet called by name,
haunted by the houses not yet home
and the whispers not yet known…

but what of where I have been,
what of the comfort once created,
what of the stories already told,
what of the lives I held once,
for a time,
in my hold?

Am I bold
to this running,
this longing to be always
up and leaving,
shunning reason
for this constant craving,
for another corner to caress creation,
to suppress starvation?

But hunger is not a harbour,
it is not where still waters rest, still.

It is the rest…

the current
carving chaos
into the crest, craving,
the waves
rushing up and over,
always and ever further,

from the shore.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


15 thoughts on “HUNGER IS NOT A HARBOUR

  1. merrildsmith

    I really like this one, Damien.
    And it’s weirdly kind of related to a movie we just saw , and something I was just writing for tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Stefanie Neumann

    Thank you for sharing yet another beutiful poem with us, dear Dami!
    I feel reminded of the reports I read of people walking the Camino de Santiago (an old pilgrimage route through France and Spain). – Life is a sacred journey, after all, regardeless of religious choices.
    Much love,

      1. deuxiemepeau

        Thanks my dearest- I’ll go check that one out! But I like what you say- life is it’s own pilgrimage! Might be to write something about that!! 🤗🤗

  3. exploringcolour

    Reblogged this on Exploring Colour and commented:
    REBLOG : Right now I long to launch out on a new stage in my life’s journey; to not settle for the status quo. To any other restless souls out there I hope you enjoy reading this poem as much as I did.

  4. Pingback: HUNGER IS NOT A HARBOUR – Exploring Colour

  5. exploringcolour

    I think part of “running to all that is new” for me, is trying new things that I haven’t thought within my capabilities before. Today I’ve written a poem. Perhaps I’ll publish it tmw night. In style its obviously influenced by you. The content is entirely my own but it uses both alliteration and word-shaping. Is that ok with you? Its about seasons and time, and north/south differences. After giving you a challenge I thought.. I really shouldn’t do that without being prepared to have a crack at it myself!!!

    1. deuxiemepeau

      I’m thrilled to see the results! Fantastic! Of course it’s okay with me, we get to inspire each other and that’s as good as it can get! I think this one for me was just was I was leaving Amsterdam and moving back to Paris, having been in London before that, Paris even before that and years before Ireland so there was this questioning of why don’t I stay put, what was the attraction of the next step, had I really carved my footprint into where I was before looking out for where the next footing was but in the end, I figured, like the water, like the tide, there is a constant movement and it doesn’t mean you loose anything, in fact you just gain more, learn more, witness more. Sometimes the movement slows to a gentle breeze, other times it’s a whirlwind where you can’t catch your breath. Looking forward to reading your poem my dear 🤗🤗

      1. exploringcolour

        When I need a boost I find “Hunger Is Not A Harbour” and re-read it again. Thank you for your poems and our conversations. Because of them I’ve been challenged (a lot) to See More, Think More, Create Connections, be More Real, communicate more Creatively, and to push myself to Go Further. Thanks!

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