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Changing currents,
body and soul converging
control lost to illusion;
divinity divining,
dividing delusion
directing hands of fate
or falling me from faith
body leaning in
bending to all beckoning
Was it I
who let go
of love’s hand
or had fate decided so?
Was there a choice,
a confession
would I,
could I be called up for blame?

In letting go,
I fell to freedom,
how freedom drops you,
seemingly untangled,
from the knot undone
and I come undone,
at a loss,
or redefined?
Partially salvageable, this time.

Selfishness slipping into single state
celibate, (sold a lot)
with no one to consider, 
to hold,
to cherish, 
to love.
What is love
when you lay alone?
Where does love lay
when you are alone?
love is where there are no more lies.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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