Sunday Sharing is here

and, as this weary world needs a little peace and harmony,

I’m starting with this beautiful poem

from Peter Notehelfer

‘On Harmony’

from his site

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads;

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

László Moholy-Nagy pinterest.comLászló Moholy-Nagy

This life
begs for harmony
for two voices so in tune
they sing as if one
with love

how the long`saw
with its two handles sings
as you pull I push
trees fall

how your silhouette
fits perfectly against mine
forming the contour
of peace

the wonder of grace
The sculptor of the world
shaped us to dance
as one

“But everything that touches you and me
takes us together, like the player’s bow
who out of two strings creates one melody.
   Upon which instrument are we then strung?
   Whose is the master-hand that holds the bow?” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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