Sharing Sunday: Endless Wound

Sharing Sunday continues

with this piece mourning the tragedy in Orlando

from poet Paula Antonello Moore

found here on WordPress at The Expressible Cafe

The Expressible Café

valeria boltneva stocksnap.jpg

A Flood of COLOUR

A candle lit

A hug squeezed tighter

A prayer said soft

A fearful moment

An aching heart

A torrent of tears

A frozen stand

A mass of people

A group of friends

A far-reaching hold

A loving hand

A willingness, cold

A raging view

A thought said blankly

A stat in books

A bond united

A hope in Love

A fractured debate


Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Monday, June 13, 2016

Image: A hand in light by Valeria Boltneva from StockSnap

In honor of the 49 killed , 53+ injured and infinite wounded in heart by yet another gun-related nightmare in Orlando, Florida.  XO

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