Trust me
as I thrust
into you,
as we sweetly
split the space 
within the identity 
that we identify
and the disguise
that we discard 
in corners
where clothes
are cast aside
for more carnal concerns,
born in beds
soon to be bruised and battered 
as we bare bodies, 
as we bend bodies bare, 
tongues tingling to taste
the tender flesh
fresh for plucking. 

We tumble and turn 
in throbbing thrusts, 
in tantalising teases, 
to the sweaty surrenderings 
between soon to be scented sheets
and shaking shadows, shy and silent 
until I cannot tell 
your limbs 
from my legs, 
your hands 
from my hips,
your taste
from my tongue

and in between
we slave and sleep, 
and in between 
we worry and work, 

but before it all
we lay and linger
and before it all
we kiss and cuddle 

and I curl 
beside you
above you
below you 
inside you

and even in parting
I still feel your hold around me, 
Feel your breath upon me,
Your scent within me…

Trust me
As I thrust 
As I trust in you too.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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